ダフト・パンク|Giorgio by Moroderで学ぶ英語


この曲はメロディーがなく、ジョルジオ・モロダーさんという魅力的な声の男性が “話して“います(^o^)タイトルの”Giorgio by Moroder“は「モルダー家出身ジョルジオ」という意味です

こういった独白や一人芝居をMonologue(モノローグ) と言います。”Mono“はモノラルでも使われるように「1つ」という意味です。対して、対話のことをDialogue(ダイアログ)と言います。語頭の”Di“とは「2つ」という意味です

dis (“not”という意味です)+satisfaction (満足)=dissatisfaction(不満足)やim (同じく後に続く文字を否定する”not”です (^^)v)+possible(可能)=impossible(不可能)など語頭から意味を推測することも出来ます(*^_^*)
ジョルジオさんはイタリア人の方で、英語が母国語ではないため文法は正確ではなく多少、片言(broken English)ですがジョルジオさんの口語調と片言さが曲の魅力に貢献しています☆彡


When I was fifteen, sixteen, when I started really to play the guitar.I definitely wanted to become a musician.”=
(At the age around fifteen when I started playing a guitar seriously, I definitely wanted to become a musician.)

It was almost impossible because it was, because the dream was so big,
that I didn’t see any chance because I was living in a little town, studying.”
(It appeared to be impossible since it was a so big dream.There was only a slight chance especially because I was living in a little town, studying.)
* Town(町)に対しては”small” “little” どちらでも使えます (^_-)-☆

I was starting and when I finally broke away from school and became musician. I thought ‘Well, I may have a bit of a chance.‘.”=
Because all I ever wanted to do is music but not only play music but compose music.”
(When I quit a school and made a step toward becoming a musician, I thought “Well maybe I can”. It was because all I wanted to do was music. Also I wanted not only to play but compose music.)

At that time, in Germany, in 1969-70, they already had discotheques.
So I would take my car and go to a discotheque, sing maybe thirty minutes.
I think I had about 7-8 songs.”
(Therefore I drove to a 
discotheque to sing seven or eight songs for about thirty minutes.)

I would partially sleep in the car
because I didn’t want to drive home and
that helped me for about almost two years to survive.”

(I was sleeping in my car because I didn’t want to all the way drive home. I was making my living like that almost for two years.)

In the beginning, I wanted to do an album with the sounds of the 50s,
the sounds of the 60s, of the 70s, and then have a sound of the future.”
(In the beginning, I wanted to make an album with the sound of the 50s, 60s, or 70s. Then I wanted to have a sound of the future.)

I know the synthesizer, “Why don’t I use the synthesizer?”, which is the sound of the future.”
({過去のことを言っていますので}I knew the synthesizer so I wondered why I didn’t use the synthesizer which has the sound of the future.)

And I didn’t have any idea what to do but
I knew I needed a click so
we put a click on the 24 track which was then synced to the Moog modular.”

(I had no idea what to do but I knew I had to click something so we clicked something on the 24-track and then it was synced to the Moog modular. )

I knew that it could be a sound of the future but I didn’t realize how much impact it would be.
My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everyone’s calling me Giorgio.”

You want to free your mind about a concept of harmony and music being correct, you can do whatever you want.”
(You want to break yourself free from the conventional idea of the harmony and music has to be correct because you can do whatever you want.)

So nobody told me what to do and there was no preconception of what to do.